IELTS shalgalt ogson zovlogoo

Эхсурвалж: Оюунзул

sain bnu all!
-bi ene groupin ieltsaa amjiltt uguud turshlagaa huvaaltssan humus bolon groupin admindaa bayrladag shuu.. ene groupees anh uchraa olood huviaraa 6sar udur bur togtmol beldeed 2016.12.10-nd ielts 7onoo avsan. minii huvid huuhde harah zuuraa beldsen, untaj bh uyer n hj blaa. tegeed uuriin zugees ielts uguh gj bgaa humusdee motivation ugj daraah advice.g orulya. uchir n ene group nadad bln mash olon hund ehleh tseg n boldog bilee.
– mun bi ehleed ielts ugj chadah bluu gj ergelzej bsn, yg tim ergelzsen, dundaj heltei, anh udagaa uguh gj bgaa zaluusdaa zoriulay.
– ielts uguhus umnu 2 udaa mock test sar, 2sarin zaitai uguud daraad n jinhene ieltsdaa burtgulj ugurei.
– ehleed shuud cambridge ielts-s bish barrons ielts-s ehelbel iluu amar hylbar tailbarltai, ielts-n talaar sn suuri bolj ugj bg um shg sanagdsan. harin dara n medeej cambridge ielts 1-11.
– yg yagad yg yamar shalgalt uguh gj bgagaa medej dadal boloh gj suuri beltgel 3sar, undsen test yv hij beldeh 3sar gd niit 6sar togtmol hiih heregtei um shig sanagdsan.
1/. a. Grammar suuria batatgah, academic ugnuud vocabulary saijruulah- erunhiiduu dundaas deeshee tuvshingee bolgoj dasgalud sn ajillad angliar nom, academic ug hellegtei text, medee unshij bh heregtei. – ehnii 3sar
-bbc news, the economist setguul, er n sonin setguulud english deer erunhid n unshij toli bichigguigeer utgig n oilgoj surah, medehgui ugsee toli bichignees ijil utgatai uger n angli angliar tseejleh
1/.b. reading deer 7 onoo avsan. udur bur togtmol 1full reading test tsag tavij bgd 1tsag hij bh heregtei. onogoo temdeglej, yun der aldsanaa ergej harj, nedehgui bainga taralddag ugudig tseejleh
– uuniig Cambridge ielts 1-11tsuwralaas gollon hiih.
2/. sonsgol bol hamgiin amarhan sanagdsan. academic ug hellegtei medee 6minute bbc learning english, tedx, bbc geh met medee hria sonsoh udur bur, mun oilgoson oilgogoi bainga l gere tsewerlej bhda, 00-d, taxind, gymd, huhde harj bhda, untahar hewtehde, uglu bosod gd buhii l uyd chihewchteigee cambridge ielts 1-11 tasraltgui sonsood l bh, medeej udur bur 1 full listening test tsag harj bgd hiih. 8 avsan.
3/. writing bichih heseg hamgiin hetsuu heseg. gehdee durmee saitar bazaj durmiin aldaagui bolood ter olon gishuuntei complex uguulberin buttseer sain bichih chadwart bolood academic ugnuud meddeg bh( hed heden topic-n hureend togtmol hereglegddeg neleed ugnuudig uurin bolgoh, jishe n tourism, education, internet, fast food, smoking geh met sedweer) ehnii 2sar mun tus sedwuudeer sample essaynud sn unshij bichih, write right geed nomiig barij beldsen. sample essay n 5 ba 6deesh avsan essaynuudig horond n haritsulsan bdg. sedew bureer suulin 3sar yg essay bichij zasuulj bh.
4/. speaking bol ggui sanagdsan. minii huvid ogt beldeegui orchihson, barag 2jil englisher bur ogt yriagui bj bgd ugsun. ghdee ggu onoo avsan. er n yg l writing shig jishig irdeg topic-uudaar youtube dr jishee n zunduu real jinhene shalgagch n 10garan minutand ielts asuult asuuj ugugch n hariulad onoo ugch bgaa bichlegud ih bdg, triig togtmol sonsood, tgd irdeg sedwudeer tus burer n uru sn yg writing shg complex ugulber ashiglaad holboos, academic uguude heregleed uurteigee yrij esvel bulgeere beldej bwal horondoo shalgagch, ugugch bolj yrij beldwel hussen 7,8onoogoo tuvuggui avah um bnle.
-za tegeed tiim ch hetsuu bish gol n tuushtai beldwel hussen onoogoo buur ch urihuu zorisnoos ch undur onoo awhaar unbnle shuu. uuriguu huurahguigeer tuluvluguu sn gargaad ternihee daguu udur bur 2-3tsag 5-6sar beldehed ta 2017ondoo hussen onoogoo avah n gartsaaguiee. Oroldlogo sait oroid n gdg dee!! amjilt husey all!!!


Байгууллагын соёлоос юу суралцах вэ

We’ve all heard it said time and time again- culture can make or break an organization. It can mean serious competitive advantage in the marketplace, or can lead to literal demise of a company. No matter what, culture matters.

This past year I’ve had the privilege of hosting the CultureCast Podcast and interviewing some of the leaders in corporate culture in industries from tech, manufacturing, healthcare and more. What I came away with surprised me, and really challenged my understanding on what creates a stellar corporate culture.




#1 – Negative Corporate Culture Can’t Be Reversed

Perhaps the most surprising nugget I took away from this year is something I learned from talking with Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills, and former CEO of Skull Candy. Prior to our interview, I had always thought that you could pivot an organization’s culture from negative to positive. Sure, it’s probably hard work, but surely people can turn a negative culture around, right?


After Jeremy’s time at Skull Candy, he purchased Traeger as a 27 year old company with a toxic culture. He came in expecting to transform the culture and turn it around to be like what he built in his time at Skull Candy. After months and months of effort and a lot of experimenting, he discovered that his efforts had been in vain and nothing could be done to “fix” the culture of their organization.

He decided he needed to start fresh and rebuild his culture from the ground up — starting with new employees. He was able to carry a couple of the original staff with him through this transition, but for the most part, the solution for his problem was to start back at square one and hire for culture fit first.

Only then was Jeremy able to turn the culture of Traeger Grills into the innovative and fun culture he had helped build in his time at Skull Candy as a startup.

#2 – You Can Have Excellent Culture Without an Office

When you think of culture, I’m sure like most people you think of an office where everyone come to work each day and interacts. Company parties, lunches together, and daily interaction are many times a key component to supporting the culture you’re striving to develop.

But what about virtual teams?

More people are starting to ask this question, as more and more companies are going virtual, yet it’s something that is still not talked about much.

Building my own company, which is a virtual team, I often asked myself, “How can I develop a culture like that, when we are all virtual?” Obviously we can’t ride scooters through the building like Clearlink, or have a rock climbing wall in the lobby like Goal Zero.

Luckily, I have figured a few things out through trial and error.

The first and most critical thing for virtual teams is to connect everyone so they have access to open communication and can interact. It’s important for morale and employee buy in for team members to feel like they are connected to the team, and it’s also great for productivity.

Here at Incorporate Massage, tools like Slack and have worked really well to get the communication and interaction we need to be an effective team.

The Sales Lion, an Inbound Marketing Agency, gets together quarterly for some solid team building activities (fun stuff like fishing and boating), after all the hard work is done. And it’s working because their team is some of the most dedicated and highly productive out there.

#3 – When You’re Acquired, You Don’t Get To Keep Your Culture

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You might think that when an organization is acquired and remains intact, a few processes might change, but overall the culture will survive.

That’s not exactly the case. The culture doesn’t continue on. At least, not the same way it did before.

Jessica Jones, VP of People and Brand at Clearlink described the ways their culture has changed since they were acquired recently. Not for the bad, but for the different.

Clearlink has undergone a series of changes to their overall culture since acquisition, because in an acquisition situation it is very important for the two cultures to merge together to create a feeling of unity and consistency between the once separate organizations.

Not a problem though, because Clearlink still continues to get Best Places to Work awards to hang in their trophy case.

#4 – Corporate Culture Can Be Maintained During Rapid Growth

Even though culture may be transformed during acquisition, with some focus, an excellent culture doesn’t have to suffer when a company is experiencing rapid growth.

Foxtail Marketing doubled in size over the course of a year, but because culture was such a high priority for their CEO Mike Templeman, their culture continued to thrive. Mike was able to add benefits and perks in, even as the team was adding headcount every month, and their culture just kept getting better.

Even my own company, Incorporate Massage has tripled this year, and because it’s been a focus of our leadership team, our culture has only improved. We’ve seen more collaboration, problem solving, and improved relationships as we have continually implemented new systems.

Weekly management meetings, quarterly objective planning sessions, and one on ones with our employees have fostered a more open communication system that all our employees know goes both ways. None of those things even cost much, just a little bit of our time and energy.

#5 – Cores Values Matter, and Don’t Have to Be Boring

Core values are key to culture, but for most organizations they become generic words written on a wall somewhere. If core values are done right, they can really feed and enhance the culture you’re working so hard to develop.

In my interview with Brandon Fish, VP of Human Resources at Entrata, he told me how Entrata took their core values to a whole new level. Their values are mostly lines from movies that their CEO, Dave Bateman felt really encompassed the idea of the value they were trying to emulate.

Entrata’s values include things like “Talk to me, Goose”, and “Business in the front, party in the back.”

You know those are working when your team uses them around the office. Instead of pointing out that “communication” is a value when wanting information from a coworker, it’s much more effective (and efficient) to turn to your desk mate and say “Talk to me, Goose.”

Аялалын тэмдэглэл

Аялалын тэмдэглэл эх сурвалж: Bata Byambadorj

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БНСУ-н Ёнсой их сургуулийн талаар

  • БНСУ-ын нийслэл Сөүл хотод байрлах нэгдсэн хувийн их сургууль
  • 2009 онд The Times сэтгүүл, Шанхайн Тээврийн дээд сургуулиас гаргасан судалгаагаар БНСУ-ын Тэргүүний шилдэг хувийн их сургуулиар шалгарсан.
  • 2009 онд SCI зэрэглэлийн Шилдэг эрдэм шинжилгээний бүтээлийн төрлөөр Дэлхийн хэмжээний сургуулиудаас 89-д шалгарсан.
  • Зэрэг олгох үндсэн сургалтанд хамрагчдын тоо: Баклавр 18,824, Магистр, Докторт 11,127
  • Солонгос хэл суралцагчдын тоо : жил бүр 4,000 орчим

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