30 commendments in Harvard University

Нөгөө дэлхийд алдартай Харвардийн их сургуулийн оюутнуудын 30 зарчим. 

30 commandments in Harvard

1. You dream if you sleep now, but if you study, you accomplish your dream.

2. Today, that I spent uselessly, is tomorrow for people who spent yesterday vainly.

3. Moment when you think is late is the fastest moment to get to success.

4. Don’t put off your work from today to tomorrow.

5. Pain when you are studying is just a moment, but pain for not being educated lasts forever.

6. Not studying is because of not trying not due to the lack of time.

7. Happiness is not the order of merit but a success is.

8. Studying is not the whole thing in life. However, if we can’t overcome studying which is just the part of our life, what can we do actually?

9. Enjoy the suffering if you can’t escape.

10. We should start working early and with assiduity before other people do to take a taste of success.

11. Success doesn’t approach to everyone. It approaches with trying and controlling their own heart.

12. Time goes.

13. Your spittle of today will be a tear of tomorrow.

14. Narrow studied, widely played.

15. Pursue the best. exert oneself maximum. And pray for the very efforts for the best at first.

16. People who invest in the future are those who are faithful in actuality.

17. Academic clique is money

18. Today doesn’t come back tomorrow.

19. Enemies’ pages are turning over even at this moment.

20. No pain, no gain.

21. Why do you not catch your success that is looking at you right in front of you??

22. Are your eyes falling shut? Then your eyes of the future will also be falling shut.

23. Don’t drowse, sleep.

24. Your score is in proportion to your time that you spent for studying.

25. The most stupendous thing occurs when other people are sleeping.

26. How acutely do people feel passing their time idly when they are having tests lying right under one’s nose?

27. Impossibility is an excuse of people who don’t try.

28. Compensation of trying will never disappear without a reason.

29. If you don’t walk today, you should run tomorrow.

30. Studying a hour more will change the face of your husband and your wife.


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