2009 Mongolian big news

Top events of 2009
Mongolian Democratic President
Mongolian voters elected a democratic president at the edge of 20th anniversary of democratic revolution. When Ts.Elbegdorj gave his vow as the President of Mongolia on June 18th 2009, the presidency of Mongolia was given to the opposition party which is the DP for the first time. The President Ts.Elbegdorj promised to fight corruption, bureaucracy and establish a fair court system. Activities regarding to this promise are showing significant improvement. President made an amnesty law which freed over 2 thousand prisoners. He established a Civil Chamber near the Parliament to hear the words of the citizens regarding political decisions. The Civil Chamber will be free to everyone. The Democratic President issued a veto to State Budget Law at the time when there is no “real” opposition force in the Parliament. He did not approve the MP money which allowed the MPs to make investments of MNT 1 billion each for their constituencies. Even though the Parliament did not approve the President’s veto, Ts.Elbegdorj was able to stand against the wrong decision.
 Oyut Tolgoi signed
Signing of the Oyutolgoi investment contract after six years of discussion is undoubtedly an event for the year 2009. Mongolia is now able to use the large mineral deposits. It was an event which determines the future approach to investments in mining sector. The Oyutolgoi contract became an answer to many questions and beginning of future works. Tavantolgoi, Tsagaansuvarga and many other deposit works will follow the Oyutolgoi agreement. Mongolia has now become a top player in mining sector in the world economy.  International experts said two big mining projects are the key of Mongolian economic development during the economic crisis as investors are standing in line for investment projects in Mongolian reserves. Mongolian economy is being prepared for the mining projects. Banking system will improve. Mongolshuudan and Savings Banks merged, but Zoos Bank was transferred to Government ownership and Anod Bank’s bankruptcy is yet to be announced.
 S.Bayar becomes first politician to neglect PM’s seat
Head of the MPRP S.Bayar has given his resignation letter from Premiership on 25th of October. The 25th PM of Mongolia resigned because of his health. He stayed as the head of the Party. Because of this, the reference “Party Head must be the PM” in the MPRP’s rules may be changed. The MPRP meeting was postponed to next year from the previous schedule which was on 17th December. S.Bayar was the first politician to resign from PM’s seat by his own will. He was able to keep the coalition Government even though the MPRP had the full rights to dismiss DP members from the Government and establish its own Government. S.Bayar was able to pressure the MPRP for the sake of the country. Only two Ministers were changed: Sh.Zandanshatar as the Minister for Foreign Affairs; Ch.Khurelbaatar as the director of Government Office. Former Minister for Foreign Affairs S.Batbold was appointed as the 26th Prime Minister of Mongolia. He promised to keep the policies of S.Bayar.
Politicians prove to have interest to find the truth of July 1st
The July 1st incident on 2008 when people protested the election results left MPRP HQ and nearby buildings burnt, five people dead, and hundreds injured and arrested. Last autumn, the Parliament established two working groups to examine the event and find reveal the truth. The working groups were meant to make analysis and reconsider the decisions and actions of power organizations. One working group was led by MP U.Enkhtuvshin. The other working group in charge of defining whether the human rights were violated during the event is led by MP Kh.Temuujin. The second working group has organized an open hearing for the first time in Parliament history. The public hearing showed the politicians have interest to find the truth of July 1st incident. It was participated by victims, representatives of power organizations and officials who gave testimonies from their points of view.
Mongolians with rich deposits must become rich
While Mongolia is on the brink of becoming a world class mining producer, draft of Bayan Mongol Corporation was made. Now the Bayan Mongol Corporation law was improved and turned into Human Development Fund. DP group in the Parliament thanked MP, Minister for Defense L.Bold for first developing the draft law of Bayan Mongol Corporation. It aims to give treasure proportion from mining income to the citizens equally. Thanks to this law, each citizen of Mongolia will now be able to get MNT 120 thousand through the Human Development Fund. Even though it is little compared to the MNT 1.5 million promised by the MPRP, it is the beginning of seizure of financing only the administration from the state budget. Mongolia is rich in natural deposits. Now the citizens must become rich.  

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